Monday, July 15, 2024

For inquiries regarding environmental compliance and the polishing process please contact our applications engineers. They will introduce the UPI product line, explore workable options, and recommend alternatives to maximize compliance, overall efficiency, and profitability.

Call today, 516.935.4000, and let’s discuss an eco-friendly solution for your polishing application.


The advantages of Universal Photonics’ technologically advanced products extend beyond profitable benefits. Inherent in many are solutions to the growing concerns for environmental compliance.

Our commitment to sound ecological practices drives our R&D to conservation, preservation, and recycling. Whether it’s a consumable, a machining operation, or a fully integrated polishing system, we maintain a solid respect for our environment.

Our Chilling and Filtering Systems interface with polishing and fining machinery with optimum results, extending polish life and ensuring environmental compliance.

Within Universal Photonics’ extensive product line you will also find a selection of advanced polishing compounds, surfactants, cleaners, coolants, optical pitches, waxes, cements, pads and more, specifically engineered to assure peak performance while meeting environmental guidelines.

The Chillmates

Maintain constant cool temperature, eliminating unwanted fluctuations and dramatically reducing lens defects.

The SlurrySavers

Effectively remove unwanted particles and contaminants.

Filters & Pumps

We have a wide variety of filters and pumps that can be retrofitted or customized to work with any system and will assist environmental compliance.

Centrifuges, Separators and Compactors

Full HKS line for most any application requiring coolant or water to be cleaned.

In-Line Filtration

UPI’s >Lead Removal System and Multi-Vessel Filtering Unit interface with all fining and polishing machines delivering optimum processing results as well as EPA compliance.


Our Megavap is based on a thermodynamic system converting wastewater to vapor, reducing disposal volume and cost.

Membrane Technology

The UNI-200T separates water from suspended solids reducing waste 98% without the use of chemical additives.